Temporary Residence

We offer temporary residence services and assist individuals with immigration, documentation, healthcare, housing, and more. As the service offered can vary from country to country and depends on the legal and administrative frameworks in place.
Immigration Service
We assist with visa applications, work permits, study permits, and other immigration-related paperwork to ensure that individuals can legally stay in the country for their intended purpose.
Documentation & Identification
Our service includes identification documents, such as temporary resident cards or permits which may be necessary for accessing various services and benefits.
Healthcare Service
We ensure every individual can access healthcare and medical services during the period of temporary residence. In addition, involves enrolling in a temporary healthcare program or ensuring that the individuals have appropriate health insurance.
Language and Integration Support
Services that aid in language learning and cultural integration, helping temporary residents feel more comfortable and connected in their new environment.
Housing Assistance
Servicing with temporary housing options, whether it on-campus housing for students, short-term rentals, or other accommodations suitable for the duration of the stay.
Legal and Advisory Services
Information and assistance related to legal rights, responsibilities, and any legal issues that might arise during the temporary stay.
Employment Support
Assistance with finding temporary employment, understanding employment regulations, and obtaining any necessary work-related documentation.
Orientation and Information Services
Orientation and Providing newcomers with essential information about local customs, laws, emergency contacts, transportation, and other practical matters.
Education Services
For students, services related to enrolling in educational institutions, understanding academic requirements, and accessing student support services.
Social Services
Connecting temporary residents with social programs, community organizations, and events that can help them integrate and make the most of their time in the host country.